Marathon Planning Part 4: Wardrobe

Running a race in regular clothing… It’s like just going for a regular training run. Where’s the fun in doing that? After being brutally rebuffed from the meet up, I did happen to pick up a 5k bib that I can use so over the weekend I had to dig up something to wear for the 5k in addition to my marathon costume.

Donald Duck costume for the Family (or single, solitary, barren female as the case may be) Fun Run (see this post for how to recreate the magic yourself):

Donald Duck

Donald Duck

And of course there’s the Minnie Mouse look I’ll be rocking on Sunday. The ear headbands that Disney sells, which I wore for the Wine and Dine, really hurt. I was bruised behind my ears from that one for a few days and knew there was no way I was wearing one for the marathon. What’d I do? Do you even have to ask? I made my own ears and at some point will put up a post on how to do this yourself and they’ll cost less than $10 and be infinitely more comfortable. And now I present the Minnie Mouse:

Marathon Minnie

Marathon Minnie

Girlfriend Sparkletech from Sparkle Skirts ( – $76

Lululemon Wholehearted Tank – $44

Homemade mouse ears

And no, my hair is not going to look that nice for the marathon.


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