WDW Marathon Planning Part 5: Packing

Don't forget to pack...

Don’t forget to pack…

Just one more day before I depart for Disney World. It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe it. No really, I can’t. But before I get on that plane, I need to pack. In the spirit of being prepared, I made a customized planning Marathon Packing List that fits with the Disney theme and I started throwing stuff in a brand new suitcase that has working wheels and a working handle and everything. It’s also polka dot. I’m a cosmopolitan traveler now!

My last pre-marathon 4 mile run was literally my fastest ever. I don’t know if it’s excitement over the marathon but I clocked an 8:36 mile. My first ever under 9 minutes aside from the 8:56.7 minute mile I finished a few weeks ago. I literally wrote on my packing list not to forget some of those intangible things that are really important for running a marathon. They don’t take up space in the suitcase, but you’ll notice if they’re missing just like you would your sneakers.

Pack it good.

Pack it good.

Packing items that are perhaps slightly more unique (because everyone packs underwear) include packets of peanut butter, sponges because my sparkletech has the pockets to carry one so why not? Disney themed ice patches, my J.Crew Selma sunglasses that go perfectly with my Minnie Mouse skirt, and my toe socks. Naturally I’ve got duplicates of everything I’ll run in, back ups in case god forbid something should happen, and then the regular I’m-going-to-Disney clothes.

Packing is quite the annoying and time consuming pursuit, though, and I constantly have this nagging feeling like I’m forgetting something really important… I did the laundry so I can take a clean tank to run in that doesn’t have deodorant stains all over it (the curse of running in black) and unfortunately the capris I ordered from Old Navy were just too freaking big to wear. I know, right? It’s sooo tough losing weight and having to replace everything in your wardrobe… But I can’t help thinking that tank top makes me look super chunky…


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