Four Days Later

A mere four days after the marathon, I was ready to go back out and run. I originally thought I wouldn’t want to see sneakers again for at least a month, if ever, but sitting on my couch eating bonbons during the evening hours just felt so completely wrong that I had to go out and do something.

That’s right, I was itching to run. Who am I?

Since I also had to do laundry because my marathon clothes were still stinking up my suitcase, I put in a load and gave myself 30 minutes to go out and have a good time around the block. I went without a watch because I’ve been being a bitch to myself about time and pace ever since Sunday so I gave myself a freebie. It was wonderful. It felt good. I was happy.

That’s right, I was happy. Who am I?

I’ve already begun planning the rest of the year–the races will now focus on getting the 9+1 requirement out of the way so I can do the 2014 NYC marathon. I know Staten Island and a bunch of runners from Kansas hate you, Mary Wittenberg, but we’re still good. So far I’m doing the Superbowl themed gridiron race February 3rd with my sister and the Fitness Magazine 1/2 marathon in April. I will now qualify as a half fanatic. I selected the Hal Higdon intermediate program to prep myself and get my times down and I’m looking forward to a spring filled with flowers, Easter chocolates, and half marathons!

No seriously, who the f$%k am I?


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