Monkey or Person

For Christmas (which feels like it was 500 years ago) my parents gave me a Nook from Barnes and Noble. Since I’ll be schlepping up to New York for a bunch of races, and since I finally had some free time that wasn’t consumed with running long miles or packing for the marathon, I took it out of the box and feel like a monkey.

There’s words on it and I know it has to be a cover but I can’t get the cover off. I flailed, I scraped, I picked.

All that was missing were the oo oo ah ah noises and a banana.

I haven’t decided yet how technologically advanced I am, I mean after all I am a historian and librarian. Books are an integral part of who I am, but this is just so much lighter… I want to hate it, but I want to love it. Maybe I can get Kara Goucher’s book on it? Could you read me on it? I know I hate trying to get my Garmin watch to charge because that thing doesn’t work at all (you should really work on that, Garmin people, because having it go dead during mile 18 of a 20 mile run is so not fun).

Oh my god! The screen just changed! It wasn’t a plastic cover! That is so weird. Okay, I need to go read more than the quick start guide…


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