Not Legit, Ready to Quit

Ok, no, I legitimately that “strength” training… Broke me. I’m infinitely more sore than I was after the marathon. I’ve had J.K. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy to keep me company on the couch until Oxygen started their Snapped marathon but I’ve missed free yoga in Georgetown and now I have lost any and all desire to go out and do the 3 mile run I’m supposed to do.

Of course, today I was making food for the week (healthy foods like maple bacon biscuits from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook) and I put all the baking stuff on the top shelf which required climbing on and off my chair to reach things, an action accompanied by a strange, distinctly unpleasant sound each time I did it. I think the adjectives I might be looking for are guttural and obscene. So much for a productive fun weekend. Damn you Dr. Jordan Metzl and your iron strength! I squatted and now I can squat no more!

I think I broke my thighs, too.


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