Review: Pace Setter Skirt

So many skirts, so little time (and it’s almost Valentines’ Day so the gentlemen out there might want to get a running skirt for that special runner in their life… or themselves. Whatever. No judgment).

  • The Skirt:
  • Brand: Lululemon
  • Style: Pace Setter
  • Color: Classic Stripe Polar Cream Beaming Blue (no really, that’s what it says the color is)
  • Cost: $58 retail, $44 on sale in stores
  • Size: 8 Tall

I purchased this skirt on a whim, the way I do so many things, because it was on sale. I wore it for two three mile runs–one outdoors and one in the gym.

The Skirt

The Skirt

Basics: The skirt itself is 13.75″ in the front and 14.75″ long in the back. The skirt fabric is the same kind of swishy fabric you’d get with running shorts but has a soft, stretchy fabric for the waistband. The waistband has one small pocket for keys in the front, and a slightly larger zip pocket in the back that yes, will fit an iPhone. Even my old iPhone 4 (no S, just 4) as well as one kind of upside down pocket on the shirts which are made out of the stretchy fabric with the rubber on the hem so they don’t ride up.


Hustle your bustle.

Pros: The skirt is cute. I’m a sucker for blue and white stripes, but what I really like are the pleats in the back that give it a faux bustle feel. The overall cut is more of an A line than the Target skirt so in my opinion it was more flattering (at least on me) and in this respect the shape has some similarities to the SparkleTech albeit with less… flounce?

Also, it fits my iPhone, a feature than can be a real deal breaker for me especially when I start leaving the jacket at home for runs. It doesn’t have the same storage space as the Sparkletech but it’s more or less adequate.

Getting the taller size also helped this 5’4″ runner get a little more coverage, something I didn’t initially like about the Lululemon skirts. Felt like it was all just hanging out.

Cons: The shorts… Well, I’m not sure if this could rectified by buying a smaller size (it was a final sale item as all their discounted stuff is so you know, (aside from the fact that I ran in it) this really meant I couldn’t return it) but I felt like they rode up. Granted, in neither the gym nor outdoors was there any chafing but I kept waiting for it and the only thing as annoying as chafing is the crotch picking you have to do in public to pull the shorts back down to where you want them. So not in keeping with my glamorous and chic look.

Neutral: In terms of cost, at regular price a Lululemon running skirt is still cheaper than the regular priced SparkleTech or and more or less on par with other athletic brands. Shocking, I know. It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but in the pantheon of running skirts it’s not astronomical.

I’ve also never been crazy about their patterns and prints and if you’re going for something to wear with a costume, SparkleTech has got you covered much more so than a lululemon skirt. Plus I get amazing customer service with my Sparkletech and those shorts stay in place. Always.

Overall: Not bad. I’m not going to amass them the way I do a SparkleTech, but it’s a keeper and if I saw another one I really liked on sale I’d consider getting it.

IMG_1316 IMG_1318

Underneath the Skirt

Underneath the Skirt-the upside down pocket… for a tennis ball? Gel? I have no idea.

Work it.

Work it.


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