Gridiron Challenge: Bagel v. Bagel

It is not humanly possible for me to care any less about the Superbowl than I currently do. No, really. I don’t even care enough to bet on it. This translates to most professional sports that people watch-don’t care, don’t watch, don’t bother asking me my thoughts on it. I’ll make something up, but even that is asking me to invest more effort than I would like.

So when I told people I was doing the NY Roadrunners’ Gridiron Challenge, a 4 mile run and longest football throw contest, a friend said, “I don’t understand, you don’t care about football.” How did I respond? “You know how people say it’s happy hour somewhere as an excuse to drink? Runners are the same way. There’s always something you can make into a race.” (It’s true, I’m also running to challenge colon cancer and support the NYC Parks Department.)

People standing around freezing.

People standing around freezing.

Essentially, the Gridiron Challenge was the Fitness 4 miler except we got different shirts and I lost feeling in my toes because it was so freaking cold. Exact same course, exact same water stations and snacks at the end. People just wore football jerseys. Walking to the race I saw a lot of other people with their numbers on walking to the park, and there were signs telling runners that they were not allowed to pee in public. That’s right, you have to tell these people that.

There’s no corral placement, I mean there is but there aren’t any bib police enforcing it. In front of me was a group talking about doing the Wine and Dine half in November so we talked about it, I met a very cute guy, and then we were off. And I was cold the entire way.


Chilly, snow covered Central Park

After what was a less than memorable race (I mean, after the WDW marathon how can a 4 miler in Central Park compare?) I headed out to get my bagel and then immediately proceeded to Bagel Bob’s on York and 80th to get a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese. It was warm. And oh so very delicious. I savored it. It was amazing. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Best part of the race had nothing to do with the race!

Best part of the race had nothing to do with the race!

Anyway. I did the race about 2 minutes faster than I did it the last time and the whole way through I felt slow and sluggish so I’m hoping warmer weather will help me improve my time (wait, what?). I’m thinking of going to the Scotland run as Merida to spice up what will undoudtedly quickly become my semi-boring 4 mile loop through Central Park. I came back, though, to accomplish my first ever sub-8 minute mile!

One run down towards the 9+1 option! 8 more to go!


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