origI was very excited (and apparently very hungry) when I found out was doing a deal on Stella*s PopKern. It’s good stuff and I track that truck like a bloodhound but unfortunately my job kinda requires that I stay in my office and not hit the streets in hot pursuit of delectable popcorn. I may or may not have scheduled my off site training so it coincided with the truck’s arrival in that area… Whatever, this whole 8-5 thing is cramping my style.

Anyway, so I ordered my popcorn (2 Valentine’s Day tins and a 1 gallon bucket) that Kristina Kern, proprietor of Stella*s PopKern, will deliver locally. I mean, as long as I’m paying for delivery I might as well stock up, right? And since my sister is always asking for some and no one else is getting me anything for V-Day I might as well show myself I love me. Right? Right???

The deal requires emailing Kristina to place your order and you can either a) pick it up at the truck or b) have it delivered. She’s super nice and I adore her both in person when I’m getting my fix and over email. The awkward moment came when she emailed me back about my 2 Valentine tins and 1 gallon bucket to say, and I quote, “Are you sure you want all the tins at once?”


I’m pretty sure Runners’ World and everyone else says popcorn is a great snack food for dieters (I mean, you know, even with the clarified butter, Brazilian sea salt, caramel, and dark chocolate and okay I recently looked up a recipe for bacon popcorn but better I spend V-Day with popcorn than my usual dates, Ben & Jerry).

I said I planned on sharing it.

I lied. I’m a big, fat, popcorn hogging liar and I have every intention of eating all my popcorn by myself but there was no way I was going to say that to her.


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