Too much


Gaiam’s 5 Day Fit Ads
In the desert.
With a dude in what appears to be his underwear.

I was exercise video shopping on iTunes and came across this little number. I preview the videos before I download them because the smallest thing means no workout for me–annoying voice, ugly outfit, inane chatter. Dudes in Speedos in the desert. I came across this one and wasn’t even really sure what to do with it. Yes, I’m a total sexist and don’t like to do work out videos that feature men because I have an idiosyncratic distaste for it, but this one was really just… way too bizarre.

Thanks, Gaiam, for making yoga even more creepy than even I thought possible. There are people in India (and in my living room) who are just looking at this, shaking their heads, and thinking, “what f$#king assholes.”

Happy Friday!


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