Music to Run to

I have not tried to hide the fact that I love running to music you expect people to run to, ie the Beastie Boys, Dee-Lite, and so on. But there’s one particular musical group that makes people stop and stare at me when I say I run to them. Or for that matter when I say I listen to them because they either know them or have never heard of them.

The Decemberists.



Weirdos, right?I know, but then I’ve always been a little quirky myself so who am I to pass judgement? In college I told a former boyfriend I was going to a concert of theirs and he looked at me and said, “You like the Decemberists? How… whimsical. Do you plan on attending in pantaloons or a petticoat?” I hadn’t but that certainly didn’t seem like a bad idea. When an overly hip person calls you “whimsical” it was meant as an insult but I take it as a compliment because it turns out whimsy was just what you were going for! Who doesn’t like whimsy?!

You could read this and think, “wow, so when you run you pretend you’re a French legionnaire running through the desert looking to return to Paris because your camel broke down?” (Assuming you’ve heard their song “the Legionnaire’s Lament”) Whatever gets you through the miles, people.


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