No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

It’s official: I’m doing the Brooklyn ½ Marathon.

The day before the Superhero ½ Marathon. Two weeks after the Nike Women’s Half (which is two weeks after the Fitness magazine half), and the weekend after my Japan 4 miler.

And I’m not thinking, “Holy sh$t this weekend is going to be hell,” instead I’m thinking, “OH. MY. GOD. BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.”

I really wanted to run the Brooklyn ½ but I want to be an annual superhero so until they announced that it would be on Saturday I didn’t know if I’d be able to run it. But since they announced its Saturday, and since these two halves combined cost less than 1 Disney race and one ends on the boardwalk at Coney Island with the scent of Nathan’s french fries in the air (Nathan’s french fries) it was kind of a no brainer; deal with it, legs and lungs.

There aren’t many places better suited to carbo loading for your next race than Brooklyn, so after I finish my fries I’ll be on schedule to head over to Spumoni Gardens for a slice and an ice, preferably pineapple and watermelon. I’ll probably pick something up from Tasty Pastry, too. Both my parents are Brooklyn natives (you know, back when Brooklyn wasn’t cool and people just wanted to get out of it) and my mother’s response to this race was initially, “what the hell do you want to run through Prospect Park for?” and that was immediately followed by, “Oh, Nathan’s? mmmmm…”

Pizza a la Spumoni Gardens from the NY Times

Source: Screw the ice cream, go for the ice, people. You’re welcome.

I PR’d knowing the Food & Wine festival was waiting for me at the finish. Just imagine how fast I can run knowing this stuff is waiting for me! Oh, but there’s apparently no more shoot the freak so don’t bother looking.


FRIES. They made the NY Daily News


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