Barre None

Going down to the basement to take the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer… sooooo much work. Going to the fridge to get my onion soup mix, though, not a problem at all, thankfully.

This weekend my sister came to visit and while she’s only an occasional runner she’s a religious attendee of barre classes at Physique 57 so we signed up to take a Sunday morning barre class at Barre3 in Georgetown. I’ve never taken them before, I once took a beginner ballet class at the 92nd St. Y in New York as an undergrad because I liked the idea of ballet, but not the wearing of leotards, and when it turned out everyone in the class was a middle aged woman who wore tutus and tiaras I was sold.

Welcome.. to our overpriced exercise studio!

Welcome.. to our overpriced exercise studio!

It’s located on K Street right across from a park along the Potomac in a beautiful brick building so I give them points for location and over all decor. One of the reviews of this place on Yelp said one of its strengths was, “The price.  Yes, it’s costly but I like that because it means that the probability of riff raff coming through is very low.  Also, the price is affordable for the clientele that they are clearly in search of.  ALSO, considering that this is Georgetown, I am relieved that it’s not more expensive.” (the italics are mine)

Now, I don’t know what the f$#k that means. Like, homeless people aren’t going to come in and do barre classes here like they might at another studio? I’m pretty sure we counted as the “riff raff” of the barre world because aside from us in target and old navy attire, there was more lululemon clothing in that room that in the store, and especially more than the free yoga class lululemon does on Sundays.

So shiny and clean.

So shiny and clean.

We did the 9:00am Sunday morning class with Katie Schrier. Everyone knew each other, the teacher knew most of them by name, and she was always saying, “great form!” and offered modifications after asking if anything was bothering people. The problem with the class was that it was really hard to see what she was doing the way the barres were arranged, there wasn’t a lot about the particulars of how things should be if you’ve never been in a class before, but she did come around and “hands on” correct you.

Hakuna Matata! The power went out so the kids sat in the dark but thankfully there was enough to run the television.

Hakuna Matata! The power went out so the kids sat in the dark but thankfully there was enough to run the television.

The crowd was a mom crowd this Sunday morning, their kids were parked in a lovely back room watching The Lion King because the place also offered daycare (though I didn’t see anyone actually watching the kids… Perhaps that was Simba’s job?) and honestly I would’ve rather been with them. It was okay, I wasn’t amazed by it and I didn’t leave thinking how I was willing to spend tons of money to go back on a weekly or biweekly basis. I’ll use up the other classes that were in the discount intro package but aside from that I don’t foresee regular attendance in my future, if I’m going to spend the money I’ll spend it on yoga (which is cheaper and I enjoy it more).  Even better, I’ll spend it on a race.

The highlight of the day, however, came that afternoon when we were in DuPont circle and my sister yelled out, “Oh!!! We have to go into Krispy Kreme! They’re hot!” I had no idea what she was talking about. I always assumed the Krispy Kreme slogan was “hot now” and that’s why the sign said it but as it turns out, it means you can get hot donuts now and only now when the sign is lit.

Here they come!!!

Here they come!!! Just have the conveyor belt end in my mouth!

Oh sweet frosting… I hate krispy kreme, I mean I don’t normally eat it because they’re so sweet and sugary and they get like a crust on them and let’s be honest Penn Station is not an appetizing locale but these… These were amazing. We got two and my sister said we’d have one there and eat the other later but after eating one I said, “f@$k that, let’s eat them both now while they’re warm and amazing.” So on a day that started out with the goal of being uber healthy, we ended it at krispy kreme and of the two, I’d take krispy kreme any day.

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