Running Route

I’m an after work runner and my route takes me past Trader Joe’s multiple times. So many times that if the security guy is outside he’ll occasionally cheer me on as I pass. The up side of this route is that Trader Joe’s is close enough that I can shop there, cool down, and still run back to my apartment before I freeze like I did tonight when the wind just freaking blew me across K street.

As an after work runner, though, I run into my dinner time which means I’m usually pretty hungry by the time I finish and if you haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s (which prompts me to say either: a) why haven’t you moved yet or b) thank you for your service to our country overseas) you may not be aware of the fact that it has a dedicated sample stand in the back corner by the breads. And the last two days the sample has been blondie brownies, warm, fresh out of whatever they’re baking them in, with whipped cream on top.

Am I proud of the fact that I waited 10 minutes for a fresh batch to come out? Or the fact that I maybe, kinda sorta combined three sample cups into one cup when no one was looking? Hey listen, it got me running faster, didn’t it?

I will say that I AM proud of the fact that I completely bypassed one product that is straight out of the depths of hell. Trader Joe is also apparently trading in souls and arteries.

Chocolate. Covered. Potato. Chips.

Chocolate. Covered. Potato. Chips.

On another note, Saucony is having a big sale online, 50% off spring apparel. Just saying.


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