Sunday, Sunday

The weather was so nice out today, it was one of those days where you wish you could take your TV outside to watch Oxygen’s Sunday “Snapped” marathon in the crisp spring air, but then you realize there’d be glare and you don’t want to miss what happened with the lesbian love triangle…

First lady of Fabulous!

First lady of Fabulous!

I got off my butt and went food shopping today because you can only live off lipton extra noodle soup and frozen Trader Joe’s latkes for so long (I haven’t figured out the exact expiration date yet but after a week guilt just sets in). There’s a farmers’ market in DuPont circle on Sundays and before you applaud me for “eating locally,” being “environmentally friendly,” and having good taste in food let me assure you: I’m not one of those farmers market people who eat seasonally and are rigid nazis about eating food grown locally. If I want a zucchini in January, I don’t care if it had to be flown in from Peru. Doesn’t bother me. In fact, if DC didn’t charge 5 cents a bag at the supermarket (that’s right, we pay per plastic bag in any store that sells food here! America, look what your nation’s capital is up to!) I’d probably triple bag everything. So I’m not like the girl at the left with her Michelle Obama, First Lady of Fabulous reusable shopping bag. I don’t drive or eat a lot meat, I live guilt free! Deal with it.



But the farmers’ market has one thing that will always lure me to shop somewhere… Samples!! I swear, I walked through like three tents and ate approximately 6 bushels of apple samples. Some people go to wine tastings, I like to think I was “apple tasting” and becoming a connoisseur of apples (not just being a cheap, hungry parasite living off of samples). Actually, oddly enough I did notice differences in apple flavors and ended up getting some for less than what I would have paid in the supermarket! No idea what kind they are even though they were clearly labeled, just knew the sample was tasty and they had some kind of Japanese name I’ve never seen in the supermarket.

On top of that, they had apple butter. Which I wasn’t going to buy because it was $6 a jar and really, what am I going to eat apple butter on? It was amazing though, (samples sell me, food purveyors of America!) and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I mean it was like apple pie in a jar. But I went to the supermarket thinking I could bake pie crust cookies and put it on that, then I saw they were putting up the Passover displays with large boxes of Matzo and I thought… OMG Apple butter on matzo! GENIUS!

I spent the day walking around with apple butter in my bag and I can’t wait to go to a place that’s actually cheap and stock up on my passover matzo. Just because I’m not Jewish doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate those delicious little 100 calorie squares.

Just sitting around waiting...

Just sitting around waiting…

Afterwards, I headed to lululemon for a free yoga class! That’s right, my love of free samples extends to free exercise class samples as well. The place in Georgetown has its own second floor dedicated to yoga, unlike the Logan Circle store that does their classes in DuPont Circle in the summer so all the strange men who gather there can make lewd gestures when you’re in downward facing dog and yell after you, “don’t forget your sexy behind, sugar!” Yeah, that’s a thing that really happens.

The teacher never showed up though, so some poor store employee was pressed into service after the man seated on that blue mat became quasi belligerent about the whole thing (prompting the guy next to me to say, “geez, it’s a free class, what does he want, a refund?”). Thanks Downward Dog Yoga of Gtown for flaking out on us!

Afterwards the nice weather lured me outside. I set the dvr to record “Snapped” so I wouldn’t miss anything and went for what I think was a 5 mile run but guess what?! I left my Garmin at home! I was so proud of myself. I went at whatever pace I felt like and only verbally abused myself for being slow like 3 times, which is pretty good for me.


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