Burgers, Taps and Shakes

George Washington Approved

George Washington Approved

Here’s an option for a post-race (or pre-race) meal in DC: Burger, Tap and Shake (which I can’t say without saying it to the tune of Cher’s opus, “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” her hair is huge in that video)

After a Saturday long run (because all my long runs are on Saturdays) I habitually head to Burger, Tap and Shake in Washington Circle for dinner (right by the Foggy Bottom Metro station). Burgers start at $6 with the specialty burgers starting at $8–think Shake Shack but with more options–and sides like fries and onion rings at $3. If you’ve got a vegetarian in your group, they offer my personal favorite: the Haight Ashbury burger. Instead of the usual veggie patty or portobello mushroom cap, the Haight Ashbury uses a falafel patty. I love it slathered in the slightly spicy AP sauce. There’s a genuine chicken burger that’s not just a grilled chicken breast on a bun, which my sister enjoyed immensely.

Look at those buns! oh wow that's weird...

Look at those buns! oh wow that’s weird…

You come for the burger and stay for the bun, which is really delicious with that buttery shine on top it’s more like a giant, toasted dinner roll than a hamburger bun. Idiosyncrasy alert: I eat each piece of the burger separately. I completely deconstruct it, eat the pickled veggies first (after asking that all toppings be put on the side), eat ½ the falafel, eat ½ the bun, eat the remaining falafel, then finish with the bun. Then, and only then, do I start on the onion rings.

Then there are the beverages and libations. Beer on tap, wine, blah blah blah, whatever. There are milkshakes in a range of delectable flavors: BTS shake (Butterfinger, Twix, and Snickers in the shake!), Blueberry-Pomegranate, cookies-n-cream, and monthly specials like passion fruit, pumpkin spice, and pineapple. Want more in your shake? Get your milkshake with alcohol in it! I stick with getting my calories just from the ice cream, but it’s up to you.

During the academic year, the place is packed with people from GW (damn undergrads) on weeknights and Saturday nights so if you’re coming then be prepared to wait for a table or take your food to go. It’s nowhere nearly as crowded as the downright ridiculous Good Stuff Eatery, though, by the capitol building. There’s a Bobby’s Burger Palace on K Street not far away (closer to the White House) but I’ve never been since they don’t have a non-meat burger option and let’s be honest, no bun is matching the BTS one.

Son of a… Now I’m freaking hungry…


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