Bad Ideas: Workplace Edition

Today, the gym at work announced the formation of a spring running club! Everyone said I should join it because it seemed like a really great idea for me, the girl who did the marathon, to meet other people with my compulsive, addictive behavior!

This is a super bad idea and let me education you on why:

  1. Have to get up and go to work earlier than usual.
  2. Run and get sweaty and gross before you start work. Have to take shower in gym as opposed to being at home base.
  3. You don’t eat where you crap. What does this mean? It means stop hanging out with people from work unless they call you and offer delicious pizza because it turns out their husband is an amazing cook and now you can’t eat pizza at a restaurant because his is PHENOMENAL.
  4. Seeing your co-workers/colleagues/boss in spandex/moisture wicking fabric.
  5. Letting your co-workers/colleagues/boss see you in spandex/moisture wicking fabric.

I think that about covers it.



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