Cupcake, Anyone?

People say cupcakes are just a fad, but I refuse to believe this because the cupcake is the perfect way to get your cake fix when you live alone and don’t want to eat a whole cake. No, seriously, the scary/sad part is I’d totally do it. But if you’re visiting DC for one of our upcoming races (Cherry Blossom 10 miler, RnR Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, or Nike Women’s Half) you might want to celebrate post race with a cupcake and so I present to you a series on cupcakeries in our area.

Baked And Wired

Thomas Jefferson St. Between K & M

Thomas Jefferson St. Between K & M

Located in Georgetown right off the canal on Thomas Jefferson St. between K & M streets, Baked and Wired is a two room place that serves an assortment of baked goods and your usual fancy schmancy coffee. If you’re more in the mood for lunch/breakfast they have quiche and they have baked goods for cats and dogs as well so you’re not the only one stuffing your face.

Cupcake Row.

Cupcake Row.

But most important thing first: the cakecups. It’s very contrarian but whatever, it’s the kind of place where you go to be ironic, hip and subversive (or something) but they’re good bakers so we let it slide. (The tip jar once said: for every tip we get, Justin Bieber dies a little, so yeah, if you’re a fan you might want to avert your eyes.) The cupcakes are all lined up in front of the bars with name tags on front that are hand made and colorfully themed to each cupcake. The German Chocolate cake one looks like it might annex the two adjacent cupcakes because it just needs more room.

They’re the biggest cupcakes of any in the Georgetown Cupcake triangle (formed by Georgetown Cupcakes, Sprinkles, and this place) and most expensive at $3.75.  The flavors are pretty varied, but don’t let the names mislead you (like Uniporn and Rainho) for the most part it’s not a totally out there flavor.

IMG_1432IMG_1431 IMG_1434IMG_1433

When you order, you can ask them to add candied bacon on any of the cupcakes. (Pictured on top of the flap jack above.) The Flap Jack and Elvis Impersonator they’ll ask if you want it (I don’t know why either, no one ever turns down bacon), the others you can say, “I want bacon on it” and they’ll add it.

Delicious and tasty, a great place to stop without the long ass lines that you’ll find on weekends at the places on M street and a convenient location to stop for one after a run on Rock Creek Park. ‘Cause you need to refuel, people, it’s very important! It’s a good option, and includes vegan/gluten free options as well (because it’s that kind of granola/hippie/sensitive bakery.)


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