Snow Day!

There hasn’t been much in the way of inclement weather since Sandy blew out of town, but today we were expected to get a ton of snow so work was closed! Except now I have a laptop and can telecommute so work isn’t closed. Fail.

Snow days inevitably lead to culinary experimentation and today I decided to try out something that in theory sounded absolutely amazing: a peanut butter, chocolate and banana grilled cheese. I had no intention of adding the cheese but I did have every intention of toasting the bread as though it were a grilled cheese so the peanut butter and bananas would warm up and the chocolate would just melt…. In theory amazing.

Individually place the chocolate chips in a pattern....

Individually place the chocolate chips in a pattern….

So I started with two piece of white bread, smeared on some peanut butter (half on the bread half in my mouth, repeat), then added chocolate chips because I didn’t have nutella on hand (plus sometimes the nutella can be overly sweet), then sliced up a banana. I started out individually placing each chocolate chip to maximize their distribution then hunger and my computer making noise made me re-evaluate what I was doing.

I put almost no butter in a frying pan and toasted that sandwich… Then someone IM’d me, I left it alone, came back and, well…



The horror! I was so disappointed but for the sake of symmetry did the same thing to the other side and ended up with…

Look at the melted peanut butter!

Look at the melted peanut butter!

It was… delicious. Even with the burnt bread I loved every last bite of it. Amazing. I will definitely make it again but this time I’ll actually pay attention to what I am doing. Other breakfast food favorites lately include adding apple butter to oatmeal, which makes it taste like apple pie… Oh, and adding it to matzo! Just using it like a dip. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. (I just had a Doc Brown moment…)

From the DuPont Circle Farmers' Market.

From the DuPont Circle Farmers’ Market.


And now I’m hungry again!


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