Love in an Elevator

Living it up when my bank account balance is going down. It’s official: I registered for the Tower of Terror 10 miler in October.

What makes this pretty funny is that I’ve never been on the ride and would never in a million years even try to go on the ride. Haha! I’d rather run 10 miles than get dropped a few stories in an elevator. That sounds about right for me. I came to the decision when I sat down and figured out how much everything would cost, including airfare, hotel, registration and a strict budget for miscellaneous expenses (ie, no spending $60 on runDisney merchandise).

Ursula building at Art of Animation

That’s right little girl, come, spend more money here! I own your soul!
(that’s Ursula at Art of Animation)

I swapped out a moderate hotel for the Art of Animation since I can walk over to Pop Century from there to get the bus to the starting line and from the Finish party. The hotel is cute and kitschy, just like me, and cheap (which I am not… I’m frugal and cost conscious). Did it cost me my soul? It’s not bad when I just put it down as my vacation for the year. It’s not like I was going anywhere else. (Side note: Not going to weddings has saved me an incredible amount of money!) Plus I’m planning a super budget trip, for example oatmeal in my room for breakfast, I’m bringing the crystal light so I don’t have to pay for juice, and oh yeah, this kids’ meal will totally cover me for lunch and dinner! I’ll also be going completely by myself, as my sister won’t be in attendance. Will my mother come so we can recreate the misery–I mean magic that we had in Disneyland? No freaking way.

This planning also helped me think about things regarding the Marine Corps Marathon and by extension the fall. I’m racing from Easter to Memorial Day every weekend getting in those damn 9 races then taking the summer off.
Because it’s hard enough for me to go out and do a 12 minute mile when it’s 90+ degrees and some god awful humidity, there’s no way I’m doing “speedwork.” I keep thinking about last summer in DC and I cringe…

Anyway. So I realized if I don’t do Marine Corps I can always do the Philly marathon, which I think I might actually like and I’m not just saying this because someone told me they hand out Philly pretzels at the end though that is pretty amazing and better than the crappy food I’m used to getting. If they hadn’t moved the date, I could’ve run on my birthday but alas Philly is fickle like that and had to make room for some green building conference. Whatever. I’ve heard only wonderful things about the race and since I can stay with my friend in Philly for free the night before, it seems like a no brainer. Which is exactly what doing another marathon is…

Costume planning is already underway. I’m thinking of making something low key and really light just in case it turns out to be 900 degrees and 3,000% humidity like it was last year. Perhaps something Cheshire cat with a homemade tutu. I’m thinking of making extras and trying to sell a few on etsy to recoup some of the trip costs. Some different villain inspired ones… You know, since no one (RUNDISNEY) is sending me any free trips with stays in deluxe hotels like you do every other blogger in the known universe. Like I haven’t noticed.

Really, I want to go as a character from the Twilight Zone, a television program I absolutely love and immediately  Number 12 Looks Just Like You jumped out at me…

Or perhaps as one of the pig people…

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

The funny part of all this is I think, “but no one will recognize who I am or what I was going for!” And the whole message of #12 looks just like you is that I shouldn’t want to look like everyone else! Or that looking like everyone else is inevitable and we just shouldn’t fight it because we’ll be happy that way…? Oh Rod Serling, everything is so difficult with you!

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