TV Talk: Supernatural

Listen here, chisel-chest, maybe you’re on the treadmill and looking for something to watch or you want to relax after an evening run… Well, today we’re going to talk about TV shows you can enjoy in your off time or while you’re on the run. If you haven’t seen Supernatural yet, you obviously have been missing out on one of life’s greatest gifts and one of the few CW shows that’s not complete teenage junk. (Seriously? You think you can improve on 90210?)

How do I tell you what Supernatural is about… It’s the trials of Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers who hunt evil, thwart the apocalypse, and generally get crap thrown their way. If you like classic rock and classic cars, you’re going to love Supernatural [Sam and Dean have many a tender moment talking in or on their father’s ’67 Impala, a car he left them when he went out to hunt the yellow-eyed demon that killed their mother shortly after Sam was born because she sold him her second born to save her husband… Um, anyway]. But they overcome and the show is a great balance between taking itself seriously and then ridiculing itself as evidenced by this episode that mocks Supernatural conventions, which really do exist, and the uber-masculine-ness of the principle protagonists (someone calls Dean chisel-chest in an earlier episode).

When you’re on the treadmill, nothing helps you run faster than imagining a demon behind you. Or in front of you. Before you know it you’ll be checking your salt stockpile and hoarding holy water. The really funny ones require some familiarity with the show, but start with the first season then build up to the more humorous classics like “twi-hard,” “clap your hands if you believe,” “ghostfacers” and “the French mistake.” Warning: It is a little graphic at times and kinda violent, especially in later seasons. For now, enjoy this tasty little morsel, ’cause if nothing else the soundtrack will help you get through the miles.

Are you a Sam or a Dean fan? Which one am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me, xoxo gossip girl. (I’m a total Dean fan.)


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