Make Your Own: Mouse Ears

I know this is way too late for the runDisney season, but it’s never too early to start planning for the next season. Or Expedition Everest in May!

For those of you planning on running with mouse ears, you may not be aware of the fact that Disney makes headbands with mouse ears in a variety of styles: with glitter, with little trampy looking hats, etc. These’ll cost you north of $20 per pair and the thing about them is that they will hurt. They will hurt really, really badly. I wore a pair of these for the Wine and Dine half marathon because I forgot my custom made headpiece, and I was bruised behind my ears for days.

So, what if you want a cheaper version that’s not going to hurt? Matching, customized sets for your costume and running buddy? Here’s how I made mine for the marathon….

What You’ll Need:

What you Need

What you Need

  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Scissors
  3. Two round objects to use as a pattern (one slightly smaller than the other) like a cup, mug, etc.
  4. Marker/pencil/pen
  5. Paper
  6. Cardboard
  7. Headband
  8. About 1/4 or probably even 1/8th a yard black fabric or felt for the ears and 1/4 yard fabric for the bow.
  9. (Atlas of the American Revolution Optional)
Glitter or plain, it's your call

Glitter or plain, it’s your call

All told this process took roughly 30 minutes. Start by taking your larger circle and tracing it onto plain paper. Trace the second, smaller circle onto a separate piece of paper. Why? The smaller circle will be the cardboard and the larger circle the felt. You’ll basically make a cardboard sandwich, so making the cardboard piece smaller from the get go makes it easier to keep it from poking out and being messy when you put it in between the two pieces of felt.

ta da! circles

ta da! circles

This works... trust me

This works… trust me–see the little curve at the bottom of that piece?

After you make your circles, take the larger ones and place them on the headband like above. The point is to curve the bottom so that the ears will easily sit on top of the headband once you hot glue them on. If you leave them completely rounded it doesn’t work as well and they’ll kinda flop around.

There we have our felt pieces...

There we have our felt pieces…

so many pieces

so many pieces

As pictured above, we cut out the felt and the cardboard pieces. You should end up with two cardboard circles and 4 felt circles with a little headband groove in the bottom.

What happens next? Put the cardboard in between two pieces of felt and hot glue them together. After you’ve finished that, place your ears where you want them on your headband and hot glue them on. To cover up the bottom and add a little extra stability, just cut a small, rectangular piece of felt and cover the bottom of the ear and top of the headband.





Finished Ears

Finished Ears


If you want to add a bow, here’s a post on how to make your own. After doing the full marathon, I’d definitely go back and add interfacing to this bow. It didn’t loose all of its poof but after 26 miles of people dumping water on my head… well, you know. Another option would be to just tack the bow to the ears with hot glue… that’s an idea…

Mouse Ears at the end of the marathon. Not bad.

Mouse Ears at the end of the marathon. Not bad and no behind the ear pain!


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