I really want the bia watch. I know I don’t need one, I have my Garmin forerunner 210 and we’ve run together through 5ks and marathons. I take that back, we haven’t run a 5k together but we’ve run 3.1 miles at some point, right? So that’s the same thing.

Don't get distracted by the cute colors.

Don’t get distracted by the cute colors.

But I really want the Bia watch. Because I want the SOS feature. I said don’t get distracted by the cute colors! My understanding is that you wear the blue part on your wrist and that little silver thing on the left clips into your pocket/on your clothes, etc. It’s a two piece version of a Garmin (albeit somewhat less bulky on the wrist).

Which is fine, great, I’m not trading my Garmin in for a similarly priced, cuter version, though. I’m not that shallow, people! NOT. THAT. SHALLOW. Or that rich.

Really, what I want is the safety feature. “SOS Safety alert sends your location to loved ones and emergency services at the press of a button.” I’m old and I’m a woman, these are the things I think about now. I’m past the point where nothing bad can ever happen to me and have arrived at the point where everything that could possibly go wrong could and will happen to me so I need to prepare.

Where’s my bunker?!

Really, I like it for when I go on longer runs on the weekends on trails where they may not be as many runners out and about. Or other people regardless of their activity level. Especially when I was running late getting ready for the marathon, I really wanted something in case something happened. You never know. And on Saturday when I was in an area that was pretty deserted except for the two other people a couple hundred feet ahead of me, this is the kind of thing I’d like to know I have. This increased when I talked with a girl who got hit by a car. (Need to remember to get my Road ID bracelet. At some point…)

You know, just in case.

I remember when Bia was on kickstarter last summer raising funding. I didn’t have the cash then so I couldn’t invest and get one. Now they’re pre-selling 5,000 of them (shipping around August it seems) and surprise! I still don’t have the extra cash for it. I might bite the bullet and just order one, the order includes the “go stick” (that silver thing) and then 30% off all future purchases forever. It’s supposedly good for swimming and biking but since I’ll never be seen in public in a bathing suit and I don’t plan on getting out my 1962 Schwinn Hollywood anytime soon, running is more than sufficient for me.

Cost: $249.00


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