Selling Fitness

Unlike everyone else in America, who understand that March Madness has to do with college basketball, at work we participate in the io9 March Madness bracket: science fiction tv shows. I thought I knew nothing about this particular category of television programming but it turns out I’ve been watching a lot of science fiction without even realizing it.

I’m nerdier than I had originally thought.


After a lengthy discussion over why Joss Whedon shows had to be removed from the list and separated into their own invitational (because apparently those fans are nuts and ruin the results for everyone else who is just a normal Star Trek Deep Space Nine fac) at work we turned to a discussion of the television shows, specifically Batman the original 1966 tv series, not any subsequent animated versions, which naturally led to a discussion about (what else?) the Penguin.

Humpty Dumpty/Penguin from the Tim Burton Batman

Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, 1966 Batman

Children, listen closely: the Penguin is an example of how Bruce Wayne could’ve been had he not chosen the path to physical fitness and, by extension, crime fighting. So, for people looking to get motivated about weight loss and physical fitness, just think to yourself: do you want to be the Penguin or Batman? If you’ve only ever seen the Tim Burton Batman, you might also ask yourself: do you want to live in the sewers of Gotham or have a really cool bat cave? The larger girth makes up for the Penguin’s lack of morals and his affiliation with underworld nut jobs such as a woman who thinks she’s a cat and a guy who goes around dressed up as a clown. Another famous heavy villain:

Found here

The choice is yours and yours alone. And no, you cannot just get a six pack imprinted on your rubber suit and there’s really no way to fake thin and waifish when all you have to wear is a clamshell bra and a fin…


We’ll show those Dr. Who freaks who’s boss!


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