Think Deep, Run Far

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This weekend it was back to double digit runs by myself, without so much as a person to keep up with unless I manufactured a race between myself and a total stranger and let’s be honest, I just don’t have the energy for those kinds of crazy shenanigans. It’s been a long week.

But long runs are great for thinking, picking a topic and then just… pondering it. Aside from pondering why you’re only on mile 2 but you feel like you’re on mile 20. Yeah, that’s not going to help the miles go by. At all.

Lately, though, I’ve been in the mood to watch Back to the Future, or B to F as I call it because I watched it and discussed it so frequently with everyone I came into contact with that I had to abbreviate it. If you’re grasping around for something to think about that will carry you a number of miles consider watching and then thinking about B to F. Years later, I’m still trying to figure out how time travel works in this movie.

We all have the same problems.

Was Garmin even around then?

For example:

Doc Brown tells Marty at the end of the first movie that he’s going thirty years into the future and Marty tells Doc to look him up and Doc says okay, then comes back and tells Marty they’ve got to do something about his kids but then in B to F part II Doc tells Marty he can’t see himself in the future and it appears as though Doc and Marty never talked because Doc is skulking around outside Marty’s house in Hilldale to get Jennifer out.

So my question is: Wouldn’t 2015 Marty know that 1985 Doc would be showing up? Wouldn’t they talk? meet up? Did the 2015 Marty tell the 1985 Doc that he has to do something about his kids?! Did 2015 Doc talk to 1985 Doc? Where IS doc in 2015? Is he dead? Like 1885/1985 Doc was supposed to be dead? Doesn’t the Jennifer of 2015 know the Jennifer of 1985 is coming? Has that Jennifer traveled in time or is she how Jennifer would be if she’d never traveled?

On the subject of 2015, where’s my f$#king hover car, Stephen Speilberg and Robert Zemeckis? Why isn’t Ronald Reagan fighting the ayatollah over what I should order at the Cafe ’80s, where it’s always morning in America even in the afternoo-noo-noon? Why aren’t my jackets drying? Why isn’t my jacket now dry?

Though undoubtedly, the best moment of all in the B to F series to think about as you go on your long comes from Part III.

Answer that question when you get to mile 9. Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?


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