Dating Myself.

Normally, I’d say I’m dating myself because ain’t nobody else interested in dating me but in this case I mean it in the more traditional sense: Like, I’m feeling old.

I was shocked to find out that there are people out there who think that My Little Pony is, like, a new thing. As in, we didn’t have My Little Pony sheets, dolls, posters, and mansions 20 years ago. And, on top of that, they’re wondering who the genius artist behind these works is…

Look at the detail! Do you see that sparkling star in this pony’s eye?! The eyelashes!? The BRAIDED MANE? It’s like every 5 year old girl’s dream come true. No, seriously, it is. This art has influenced every single trapper keeper, scrunchie, and outfit I’ve ever put together.

I live my life in the Lisa Frank color palette. It’s a wonderful place, you should visit sometime.

And in this spirit, I have decided to unveil what I am certain will be my Superhero 1/2 Marathon costume.

That’s right, Rainbow Brite. It actually came to me when I was walking past a pre-school with a co-worker who saw all the rainbows and colors and said, “Wow, so is that what your mind looks like?” Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.

I assessed the Riddler, which was my original plan but honestly, I’m not at the point where I will wear a unitard and run so instead I’ve decided it’s Rainbow Brite time. It’s time to bring color to the world!


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