It’s Official.

Well, Disney is officially doing the Dopey Challenge. You have to finish the 5k, 10k as well as the 1/2 and full marathons.


Honestly, I think it’s nuttier than Cruella De Ville hunting down puppies for a new coat. I mean, you have to bat sh$t crazy to do this, not to mention filthy stinking rich to afford the $500+ registration (after you add in Active’s fees) as well as hotel and airfare and all that other stuff.

Think about it: What kind of vacation is it if you’re getting up before dawn 4 days in a row? Schlepping on a bus to go run some races after which you’re too tired, exhausted, and in pain to do anything fun like you should be doing at Disney World.

Remember when it was all about bad eating and going on rides and bitching about how far away the World Showcase was from EPCOT?

My sister's response to the Dopey Challenge.

My sister’s response to the Dopey Challenge.

And let’s not forget that for the last few years (like what, 10?) those Goofy people have been walking around (hobbling around?) the parks making everyone else feel like crap because they only ran a full marathon or only ran a half marathon. Well, Goofy people, get ready to feel what you’ve been dishing out.


I don’t know. I mean, I honestly cannot say that this series of races/challenge/feats of strength is a good idea. For anyone, let alone recreational runners. Disney attracts the inexperienced, the amateur, the person completing races solely for the medal and quite frankly I think that they may be courting disaster with this one.

Having said that, I’m already planning 4 themed costumes and if I can get in I’m totally doing it.


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