Marine Corps

I’m writing this ahead of schedule to anticipate not getting into the Marine Corps Marathon and establish totally logical reasons why I really don’t care and it’s actually a good thing my boss came in at 11:55 to regale me with the most adorable thing his 2 year old daughter did. . .

Reasons I don’t mind and would be happy to run Philly:

  1. MCM’s basically running the same route I run 5 days a week. Bo-ring.
  2. It means I can’t be out working my corner cheering and people would really miss me. There might be people who don’t finish because of my selfishness.
  3. Adrian!!! (Is that from Rocky?)

  4. The Philly marathon has pretzels at the end. (no, really, I can be bought cheaply.)
  5. Philly has Philly Cupcake and I love those cupcakes.
  6. Means I won’t be running a 1/2 marathon two weeks later at Disney World.
  7. Possibly entering the NYC lottery… No, that’s just crazy.

*Cue Eye of the Tiger* Bring it on.


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