Blossom Watch and Redemption

I’ve been derelict in my blossom watching vigilance . . . I apologize. On my run yesterday, I did see it though! CHERRY BLOSSOMS!



These were all the way over by the Jefferson monument nad it was the only tree I saw with flowers. The rest looked like the buds were still refusing to budge…


You’re lying. 35 at night is not spring.

So I’m still waiting. The news said the cold weather is delaying the blossoms but I think there’s the distinct possibility they’ll reach peak right around the Cherry Blossom 10 miler! I will keep my fingers crossed for those running it.

In other news, I don’t just say mean things about people/groups/things that deserve it, I also give them credit where credit is due. . . So Active, we’re not great but we’re definitely better than we were a week ago. Here’s the email they sent out regarding Marine Corps Marathon registration and a solution that I think is definitely totally acceptable and downright quasi admirable. Click on it for a larger, more readable version.

Picture 1

I invite you to share your thoughts on Active’s resolution and their future. . . Good? Bad? Reasonable?

2 thoughts on “Blossom Watch and Redemption

  1. I love when companies take responsibility for their actions! I didn’t register for MCM, so I didn’t have the issues. But love the letter! Enjoy your training and the race!

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