Get Your Craft On

Scary yeti.

Scary yeti.

I got my craft on this weekend. My sister and I are running the Expedition Everest Challenge in May (she wanted a 5k with a medal) so we started planning costumes. It’s inspired by the Yeti keychain she got me for going on the ride where I proceeded to crouch down in my seat yelling, “IS IT OVER YET?!” and she repeatedly called me a big fat baby. It’s really more Matterhorn abominable snowman than expedition Everest Yeti but whatever. Here’s the post where I tell you how to make the ears themselves then feel free to build from there. You could also modify the pattern to make Cheshire cat ears, Maleficent horns…

Total cost: Approx. $8 per set (Disney ears START at $20)
Faux fur trim for the ears: $3.50 (1 yd regularly $6.99 a yard but 50% off coupon)
Blue Felt remnant for bows: $3.36
Ribbon: $2.99
Headband: $2.99 / each
my labor: $0.


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