Positively Dopey

You know how there are people that take the Boston marathon really seriously? They train, they run, it dictates their entire life and they just love talking about Boston?

Those people have nothing on runDisney people. I mean nothing. We’re dedicated in a way that can only happen when you cross a runner with a Disney fan.

And today the registration for Marathon Weekend opened with much fanfare and buzz. You know, among those of us who really cared. And I mean we really cared because regardless of whether or not we were eligible for the Disney Vacation Club/Annual Passholder advance sale, we were getting it. Tomorrow comes the Disney Visa discount, but advance registration is basically now a free for all.

The first thing you had to notice was that it was like a lifetime movie about teenagers, except instead of kids feeling pressure to participate in drugs and sex these were adults dealing with race registration.  Should I register? Should I not register? Everyone’s so excited about it! And of course everyone is saying, “DO IT! DO IT!” So people get caught up in the excitement and sign up for Dopey. I have a feeling that like many of the teens, I will quickly come to regret this decision.


Then there are the responsible people who say they were going to do x race and they stick with it. I commend them on their willpower, dedication, rational judgement and fortitude. Well, mister you’re a better man than I.

After signing myself up, I texted my sister to announce I was going Dopey and that she should go ahead and sign up for the 10k. I was adamant that she not procrastinate on this because I believed the 10k would sell out the quickest.


If you’re interested in signing up early, here is the actual link. Disney did such a terrible job hiding it and made absolutely no effort to make it exclusive so who am I to keep it a secret when they didn’t?



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