Payment is Due

After the initial excitement of registering for Dopey, the next dwarf to arrive is Grumpy, you know, the one who has to pay the bill and be the realist because all the other dwarfs are blinded by the fact that by some dumb luck a hot chick showed up in their cottage and just started cleaning and making them dinner. Grumpy realizes she’s going to want something and that the medal requires payment in both financial and physical tender.

So after I assessed how much this endeavor would cost in terms of just paying for the trip, I started brainstorming potential ideas for how to pay…

SnowWhite2Snow White3SnowWhite1SnowWhite4

Those were my best options. Realistically, I’d be a terrible maid and the number of rich princes out there just walking around has dramatically dwindled so that leaves me with hitman/assassin and diamond mine. I think we both know which one is more profitable.

But realistically, cost is something you’re going to have to factor into your considerations. Initially, I was all, “Oh I’m totally going to stay at the Yacht Club because then I can just walk back after the races and I’ll be EPCOT adjacent and it’ll be amazing and so worth the price…”

Picture 6And then reality smacked me upside the head and by reality I mean my price comparing spreadsheet where I actually do math and realize how much it will cost to be EPCOT adjacent and weigh that against eating for the next six months and having a place to live. The adult in me says that having an apartment is more important than having a well located hotel room for 6 days. So what do you do if you are on a budget and want to do a runDisney race but keep all your organs?

Well, I’ve found the best way to approach these things and act in a financially responsible manner is to just pretend that Disney World doesn’t exist at all. Money Saved. Aside from that, I’d say you best stop and think. Thinking is an amazing deterrent from irresponsible behavior. Be realistic about how much you want to fork over for anything, whether race registration, hotels, or airfare.

Don’t be swayed by pictures of hotels and what all your friends are doing. Decide on a plan of action and stick to it! So for marathon week (because, come on, it’s not a weekend anymore) here’s how the costs are breaking down:

Airfare: Approx. $272
Race Registration: $544.70
(includes a pin. With real diamonds from the 7 dwarves’ actual mine! I hope.)
Hotel: $776.70. (Art of Animation)
Grand Total: 1,593.40

So, how are everyone else’s plans shaping up? How much are you spending and how much are you saving by not going at all?


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