Virtual Race

So I’ve been looking at other people’s blogs and the virtual race seems like a really popular thing nowadays and I would kind of like to do one myself. People missing out on Dopey because it’s so pricey got me thinking and a co-worker mentioned in passing the scholarship fund he started in his brother’s memory which left me really thinking about hosting one and donating the proceeds.

In theory it would be a virtual race for wherever you live and possibly a group run if you’re in the DC area. I’d probably hold it right around labor day weekend when they’re having the Dumbo Double Dare.

PinkElephantsInstead of participating in the $300 Dumbo challenge, though, you can participate in the cheaper, Pink Elephant Parade race where if you drink a lot ahead of time you can kinda think you’re at Dumbo!

I’m soliciting thoughts and feedback. For now, it’s in the fermentation stages but it’s definitely something I’d like to do and am seriously researching for this fall.


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