An Addendum to my NY Roadrunner Weekend

Look up Cat Hill and Central Park and you will find a bevy of running blogs extolling how much they hate this particular hill in Central Park.

No seriously, runners hate this place. Exhibit A is right up there.

If you’re running in New York, I say in Central Park you don’t have to worry about muggers, rapists, and other criminals. Worry about the god damn f$#king hills. I’d get down to 8 minutes only to find myself going up another hill.

But I will say that after this weekend, I made cat hill my bitch. It has nothing on what I’m now calling “Panda Mountain,” aka the run from Dupont Circle to the zoo.

Who’s the eternal hunter, now, bitch?

Having said that, I’m not optimistic for next Sunday’s half marathon. But did I mention that I’m running with Deena Kastor and Sami Brady aka Alison Sweeney from the Biggest Loser/Days of Our Lives? Finally, Sami, we meet again after you backed out of WDW marathon weekend. If it’s a cat fight you want, it’s a cat fight you’ll get.

And by cat fight I mean I will totally tell you how much I can’t stand the way you treat Lucas.

I was invited to run with Deena Kastor after my 3rd place age group win at the 5k. They wanted someone who could come in and really keep Kastor on her toes after her performance at the LA marathon last month. Will she be able to remain a whole hour ahead of me? Stay tuned to find out!


4 thoughts on “An Addendum to my NY Roadrunner Weekend

  1. Lol! I got hill repeats in CP this evening- it’s not going to be fun. At all. Good luck on your half next Sunday!

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