Lesser Than, Greater Than

Official public registration opens today for marathon weekend!

Freebie from Cigna. It was humid and I just came from 5k, I know my hair looks terrible.

That could be you at a photoshopped finish line!

Disney’s introduction of the Dopey challenge and their decision to include the 10k in that, plus the introduction of the 10k in general has raised some questions about attending marathon weekend. Namely, that people feel like running the half marathon/marathon/goofy has been cheapened. Like, “I just ran the half” and now they don’t feel as good about their accomplishments.

Seriously? No, really, seriously?

Seriously? No, really, seriously?

Running teaches you stress relief, it helps you learn to listen to and respect your body a little bit more, but most importantly it teaches you to shut up and stop looking around at everybody else.

Seriously, I mean it, eyes on your own paper!

I hate you for making me do this, but they’re right.

You’re making me quote *Nsync: Now why you wanna try to classify the type of thing that you do? ‘Cause everyone’s just fine doin’ what they like, can I say the same for you? Tired of feelin’ all around me anxiety, just worry about your race ’cause I’m scared sh$tless of mine now people can’t you see?

It doesn’t matter ’bout the race I run or the bling around my neck, all that matters is that you recognize that it’s just about respect. It doesn’t matter about the raw threads I wear and how far I go and why, all that matters is that you get hyped when you run and Disney’ll give it to you every time.

If you don’t want to go Dopey, don’t think that because of that you’re not welcome at marathon weekend anymore. There’s always going to be people who ran faster and farther than you, the sooner you get over it and learn to be happy with your own achievements while respecting everyone else’s the sooner you can leave your baggage at home and have a good time.

Now, who’s with me?


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