Bringing the Heat

Oh God I hate the heat. There are people out there who don’t believe in air conditioning.

Those people are f$%king insane. I don’t know what’s wrong with the people who are out running, even the crazies think their crazy.

IMG_1667The Georgetown Running Company was having a Nike event this evening so I went. And I was the only person who showed up who wasn’t also a store employee or Nike representative. And I still didn’t win the sock raffle. Anyway, I think whoever Nike hired as representatives should be fired because that party sucked. It was a folding table with a bunch of shoes on top and I had to beg them for a raffle ticket. I had planned on going to the one at Pacers in Arlington tomorrow night but now I just can’t be bothered. I don’t schlep out to Virginia for socks. Excuse me, the possibility of winning socks.

I did commit to new sneakers, though. I swore I wouldn’t shop at the Running Company stores ever again after those sh$theads in Princeton sold me non-wide sneakers and told me they were wide (“we meant they’re cut wide”) but since I kinda needed a new back up pair and I didn’t want to spend the weekend at running stores only to find out they didn’t carry a wide I figured what the hell…

IMG_1669I browsed around, felt immense pressure by a salesman, and was told I pronate. Apparently regardless of geography, the Running Company believes I pronate (and refuses to air condition their stores). I tried on many different pairs and did not try the new incarnation of my Saucony Triumph like I had planned. I tried the Brooks Adrenaline older version that’s no longer manufactured because I need to make life difficult… And took them home with me.

Look at all that stability! The shoe salesguy said I was over thinking it. Dude, I’m the goldy locks of sneaker shopping: this one is too wide, this one is too tight, this one too long, that one too wide, too much support, too little… What’s up with these colors? A girl sat across from me and we just stared at our feet with the new sneakers on and sighed. I said to her, “It’s so hard, isn’t it?” and she said, “Yeah… It really is.” It’s like the Spice Girls said, “If you wanna be my sneaker, you gotta get with my feet.”

IMG_1668But yet again, the Running Company totally screwed me. He said I had 14 days to try them and if I didn’t like them I could return them. Then I got home and looked at the receipt and discovered they were final sale. Explains why he folded the receipt when I signed it so I couldn’t see that. I debating how much I want to go back there and return them just on principle now, thoughts? I hate those stores.

I do love that new shoe smell, though.

So, how do you shop for sneakers? Am I alone in taking over an hour to pick a pair, not including all the pairs I ordered online, tried, and ended up returning because they just didn’t feel.. right?

Where’s a good place to shop for shoes?

How do you know you’ve found the one?


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