Then there were 5: Fitness 1/2 Marathon Expo

The weekend started out in typical fashion. I rode the metro to Union Station and saw a woman with a giant samurai sword riding the train.

Not a stick. A samurai sword.

Not a stick. A samurai sword.

I got into the city late, and on Saturday headed to the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon expo on 18th street to pick up my number, shirt and goody bag. Usually, because my sister lives in the city she picks up my number for me at their 89th st building but since she was busy doing other things she didn’t go to this one. Wow, she would’ve loved this one.

IMG_1678You could tell it was a race geared towards women. It was overwhelmingly women going in and out, so that always kind of gives it away, the goody bags included stuff like summer’s eve and weight loss supplements, and there were vendors for laser hair removal among other body improvement procedures. Girl power!

IMG_1676But most important of all, this place had samples. I don’t know, maybe co-ed races they don’t think men grocery shop? But between the luna bars, crystal light, King’s Hawaiian rolls, and success minute rice I was in sample heaven. I spun every wheel I could find for a prize! I left with lots of goodies, which made the whole experience feel completely worthwhile. Athleta did the shirts but honestly, I wasn’t dazzled by them at all and if this is what Athleta values at $44, they’re really ripping people off. It had a weird elastic gathering in the back that I was not feeling at all…


Spin the wheel!


Afterward, it was lunch time at Katz’s. Listen, if you’re coming to New York and you go to Katz’s and you get a CHEESEBURGER, please don’t even bother clogging up the restaurant. No, seriously, just turn around and go back to wherever you came from because you just wasted a valuable opportunity to eat the only kind of meat outside of bacon that I will gladly consume. And if you opt for fries instead of a potato knish, dude, wtf.

IMG_1681IMG_1682IMG_1683The sandwich was quickly eaten and disposed of. It was amazing. I convinced one tourist to forgo the cheeseburger with fries and go for the pastrami. She said, “Oh, but I don’t like it…” and I said, “neither do it, but this is not deli slicer pastrami.” I was thanked profusely and told I was right. Like I didn’t already know that.

So me and my newly acquired string cheese carrying case spent the rest of the day just waiting for the half and the hills. The god f%$king hills.

Legitimate. A string cheese carrying case.

I was going to make it my first giveaway but my sister was in love with it.


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