New York Roadrunner Updated Policies

Picture 3I got an email this afternoon from New York Roadrunners about updating their security policy for the upcoming Central Park run this weekend. Baggage check was what they decided to update: clear plastic bags only, runners can’t go into the baggage area, they can search your bag, and anything left unattended will be confiscated.

Picture 1

I don’t really think this is going to change anything. Like, anything. It’s more or less akin to putting the health inspection grades on restaurant windows: Sure, they got an A, but do I believe the inspector wasn’t paid off to give them a better grade? Eh, call me a jaded east coaster but no, I don’t.

Perhaps I’m just saying this because the packages in question in Boston weren’t even checked bags, or because I see runners on the course with bulky backpacks, or because it’s f$%king central park and be default wide open to whoever wants to walk in regardless of their carry-on baggage. I work in a building where there are people who literally patrol the perimeter with machine guns because, as we are often reminded, “no, really, people want to bomb us,” so perhaps I’ve become more jaded than I realized? You know, the presidential helicopter does regularly fly past my window…
Survey: does anyone feel better with these changes?


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