We Run DC

Whether it’s running away from personal responsibility, the sequester, or the president’s motorcade, people love to run DC and this weekend a lot of women from out of town are joining me for the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon. You know how I know it’s close? The Nike store switched over its windows to advertise the race.

Please excuse the glare.

Please excuse the glare.

And nothing says race time like merchandise.

I’m looking forward to the race and skipped my run this evening because a) it was buy one get one free cupcakes at Sprinkles and b) because my hip has been bothering me and I’d like it to stop before the race. Also, like George Costanza I have that desire to quit while I’m ahead–I had a really good pace going yesterday and I don’t want to kill it by running crappily today. It’s all in the mind.

I don’t plan on buying anything from this race, though, seeing as it’s all insanely expensive and I found it tough just spending $3.50 on a cupcake. Some merchandise examples, ranging from $28 t-shirts to $68 bags and hoodies:

Personally, I’d rather the t-shirt from Pacers that says “we run this town” with the District flag on it: 531709_220028371473574_846556252_nThey also have a Virginia is for Runners t-shirt at their VA locations. I’m pretty psyched for the race! It means I don’t have to travel further than I can walk, it’s easy to get to and leave… Finally, something local and easy to do. Although it’s a route I’ve run before, it’ll be my first time racing it.

Now, for a half marathon I should start carbo loading now, right?


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