Pancake Additives



It’s been rumored that I have a sugar problem. My boss is the first to openly accuse me of having an insatiable addiction to sugar, an accusation I fervently denied but the four fun size M&M bags and like 3 lollipop wrappers strewn all over my desk by 10am told another story.


As any lady knows all too well, the desire for something sweet can be a cyclical thing but I had a realization that maybe, okay, yes, I might have a sustained sugar problem. The realization came when my boss came into my office saying, “I know you’ve got candy and I just need a little something.” I slid the candy across the desk and told him that the first one would be free but the rest would cost him.

When I felt more like a drug lord than just a chick with a predilection for sweets, it was time to reform.  But that doesn’t mean all the sweet is gone. I stopped buying regular milk a few months ago. When you live alone and don’t drink coffee or eat that much cereal, milk goes bad fast and I was wracked with guilt every time I dumped a full container down the drain so I switched to either getting almond or coconut milk which has a much lengthier shelf life and I honestly don’t notice much of difference. (the frosted rice krispies and chocolate special K combo I usually serve up packs a nice flavorful punch.)

downloadThis evening I was in the mood for pancakes though and I loves my pancakes. Typically, I make them with bananas and chocolate chips (lots of chocolate chips) because once you add fruit it’s defacto healthy. But tonight, the coconut milk got me thinking of the Polynesian (where I will never stay again until such time as I win the lottery), and I wanted something tropical… So I added shredded coconut. Then I found myself thinking, “I wish I had pineapple…”

OMG thank you Dole for giving me (letting me take) all those fruit cups at the end of the race!

a magical combination.

a magical combination.

The pancakes didn’t look special, but they tasted tropical and amazing. And I loved every last bite. Even better: make all the batter, then individually freeze them and pop them in the toaster in the morning during the week for breakfast.

It’s not the sugar rush that I usually go for, but it was still amazingly good and if I weren’t so cheap I’d probably also add macadamia nuts.


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