TV to Foam Roll to

After a race, or any run really, you sit down for some quality time with your foam roller. If you’re like me, you start out by singing “hurts so good” to your foam roller to set the mood. Sometimes love don’t feel like it should, but when you get up and can walk without your co-workers calling you “gimpy” you know John Mellencamp was totally right and probably a runner with a foam roller.

I work with weird people who watch Star Trek (which apparently has more than one incarnation?) and Dr. Who but when I foam roll, I like to watch Dance Moms. It’s not just because a 10 year has better abs than I do so I’m shamed into doing core work, it’s also because I take Abby’s criticism like she was giving it to me and end up doing intervals on Wednesday.



5 thoughts on “TV to Foam Roll to

    • It’s like getting the series of hepatitis vaccines: you’ll be quite pleased with the results and think it was definitely worthwhile. Do it! (Just don’t get a really expensive one, it is just foam after all…)

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