Review: Athleta Swagger Skirt

I know all the girls in the running group I join on the weekends indulge me by saying my skirt is “cute” and then they immediately follow up by saying how they would never be caught dead wearing one. They’re just not fashionable enough I guess. The further you venture away from runDisney territory, the more unlikely your odds of finding women who run in skirts, especially the bright, colorful, polka dot variety.

Exhibit A: I look better with a skirt.

Exhibit A: I look better with a skirt.

With summer fast approaching though, I refuse to wear capris and let’s be honest am too scared sh&tless to go with shorts so skirts work for me. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re really cute (exhibit a above from the Fitness 1/2). So when Athleta’s Swagger Skirt went on sale for $29.99 for a single morning I jumped all over that like a runner on the postrace bagel table.

Picture 1Picture 3Picture 2According to the Athleta website, the skirt appears to be great for a number of activities including running, tennis, doing whatever that is on the left and shaking hands. The skirt retails for $49 (free shipping with a $50 purchase) but I found a color on sale for $29. It comes in regular and tall sizes ranging from xxs to xxl and for the most part got good reviews on the website.

IMG_1799So step 1: Athleta made the skirt look kinda good on the model so that’s a definite step in the right direction (and not the given that you think it is…). A few things to note about this skirt and apparently Athleta skirts in general: the shorts aren’t regular opaque spandex shorts like they are on all other skirts. In fact, they’re actually made out of a mesh fabric. Now, I down dogged it for you guys to be sure, but aside from visible panty lines I didn’t see any other indication of what my underpants looked like… (no photo.)

I got the skirt in a Small Tall because despite being 5’4″ I like having the extra coverage to mitigate thigh jiggle and small was all they had left. These suckers sold fast.

Your basic questions answered:
The shorts did NOT ride up.
The pocket on the back fit my iphone and keys but not much else on the up side, though, the phone didn’t drag the whole skirt down giving me plumber on the run butt… No pockets on the legs on this one.
The fabric was a little bathing suit like but the layers I thought were pretty light and gave the skirt a nice shape/style.

The Not So Great
Lack of pockets on the legs.
The drawstring. I don’t know who thought it would be really awesome to put the drawstring on the inside, but I hate having to tighten it and have it rub against my stomach. Plus they made the drawstring really long on this one…
The sizing is probably a little off–the small in a tall wasn’t exactly “snug” on me and I’m not usually a size small girl so if you’re dainty and delicate and whatnot I’d stick to the regular skirts that come in smaller/bigger sizes than the tall or look elsewhere.

does my butt look fast?

does my butt look fast? That’s why it’s blurry.

Bottom Line:
I liked it. Retailing at $49, it’s on the lower end of the skirt spectrum (Lululemon’s pace setter comes in at $58 full price, $44 on sale and they go up from there) and if you can get one on sale for $29 like I did I think you’re golden. There are free returns, too, and if you wear it during a workout and end up hating it, Athleta will take it back and give you a refund (didn’t avail myself of this service, though, since I like it). Personally, I think that’s f#$king awesome and great to know when trying out clothes that end up bunching up in all the wrong places. (do things bunch in the right places? ever?)

So where do the skirt rankings currently fall? I still love my sparkletech because I love the patterns and polka dots and if Leah keeps going in the direction she is and makes the shorts a cute pattern and makes it so the waistband matches the skirt as opposed to just being solid black I’ll probably never look elsewhere again.

Beyond that, I think Athleta wins for one particular reason: the shorts didn’t ride up on me.


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