Watch out for the Yeti!

I’m watching out for the Yeti this weekend!

Not quite that one...

Not quite that white furry little fluff ball…

that one doesn't look too menacing either...

closer… definitely closer.

Tonight I head to Walt Disney World for the Expedition Everest Challenge for what will literally be less than 48 hours in Disney World. My sister and I will be at the Animal Kingdom Lodge ’til Sunday and I’m pretty excited to spend the day at the Flower and Garden show, which is much more vegetarian friendly than food and wine!

This whole job thing makes it possible for me to afford to go to Disney, yet oddly enough also makes it so I don’t have the time to go…

Will I be able to pass the obstacles? Will I be able to solve a clue? Will my sister and I get to the end screaming at each other and ready to punch each other in the face? It’s a possibility. Here’s to the magic of sibling teamwork.



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