Anyone who owns a garmin knows that once you start you running with one, it’s difficult to stop.

It’s like crack cocaine.garminI’ve forgotten it a few times in races, but not on purpose. It was always because I forgot my watch or the charger and immediately regretted it once I realized what I had done. Looking down at your bare wrist… is there anything more terrifying? Especially when you’re in a corral and can hear everyone else’s watches beeping and you wonder if you run close enough to someone else maybe you can see the pace on their watch.

I told you, it’s an addiction.

Because no matter how long you stand there, staring at your watch and thinking how much you hate it because it takes 20 minutes of you looking ridiculous for the watch to find a satellite, and no matter how many times you curse it because you can’t figure out how to add more intervals, and despite your fervent belief that you were indeed running faster it’s just that your watch picked up someone else’s signal, you need your Garmin. You can’t live without your Garmin.

No, seriously, you can’t live without your Garmin.



2 thoughts on “Watchless

  1. Worst part about the races in Seattle is they love tunnels – and Garmin loses signal so the pace and mileage are all off. And it makes me sad

    On a side note – I love Garmin cause at RNR Portland, I told the guy that the little clip with the plugs fell out – and he gave me one for free 🙂

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