Marathon Wednesday

It’s the only lottery system where winning means you pay them more money. That’s right, today is the lottery drawing for the ING NYC Marathon! Picture 9

You had a month to sign up for the lottery: $11 buys you the chance to pay $350+ to run in the 2013 NYC Marathon. Not exactly the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s candy factory, but still that bib is a pretty hot commodity even with last year’s debacle and Staten Island’s simmering hatred of all people in technical fabrics and sneakers.

Picture 11Despite getting into the Marine Corps Marathon the weekend before, I couldn’t help myself. I paid the $11 to see if I could get into the 2013 marathon. I knoooooow, I’m weak and lacking in self-control. Two characteristics you don’t usually expect to see in someone who wants to do marathons, right? As of 7:43pm, I’m still “in drawing” whatever that means. Picture 10

I’m supposed to get an email either way, though I’m not particularly optimistic. In fact, I complete forgot about the drawing until around 5:00pm and naturally started to obsess over that which I didn’t care about 5 minutes earlier. So what better way to take my mind off running and the marathon lottery than, you guessed it!, go for a run? It was 88 outside when I left but there was a nice cool breeze coming off the Potomac and enough cloud cover that I didn’t even need sunglasses so I did an easy 3.3 miles at a 9:37 according to MayMyRun. I don’t know how much I believe MapMyRun, but I’m happy with the numbers so I’m going to go with it. We’re fast ’til someone tells us otherwise, right?

Anyone else doing the lottery? Has anyone heard? Is anyone else ready to corner Mary Wittenberg at the end of the Israel 4 miler yelling, “COB MARY! Haven’t you ever heard of doing something by close of business?!”

Update! At 9:10pm, it was official…Picture 7

That email they kept saying I was going to get? That hasn’t shown up yet. Just like always, seeing “you have not been accepted” is kind of like a mind numbing bitch slap but, okay, fine, whatever. My life will go on.

No it won’t.

No, it will. Dammit girl, you’re doing the Marine Corps! There’s no crying in baseball! Or marathons! Especially Marine Corps marathons!


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