Sparkle While You Run

Leah over at SparkleSkirts has been releasing lots of new skirts, especially in honor of the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland. I imagine quite a bit of business comes from the Disney races, hence the debut of new skirts tends to coincide with those races.

Disney people love to run in skirts, regardless of gender.

The Sparkle Skirt itself I love uncontrollably. It’s comfortable, it’s light, and I think it’s really flattering and very form forgiving. The downside is that I’m not always crazy about the fabric choices and for the price tag I need to love it to buy it.

These did indeed catch my eye. The biggest way to aesthetically improve the SparkleTech, I always thought, was to make the waistband the same print fabric as the skirt. Realistically, you don’t see the waistband unless you’re one of those shirtless wonder people, but I would love to have it all matchy and Leah’s definitely started moving in that direction. Something else I’m very excited about: PATTERNED SHORTS. Adorable. On top of that she’s started doing the shorts in different colors to match/compliment the skirt.

My only concern about the blue one, which I love, is that apparently the ribbon is replaceable and you can swap in whatever ribbon you want (and she will be reproducing this one in a bunch of different color combinations to reflect different teams/disney characters). I don’t know about anyone else, but when I buy something to run in and it’s going to get sweaty and smelly, I don’t want to have to worry about ribbons falling out and I definitely need to put that sucker in the washing machine.

A quick perusal of my race photos, though, illustrates that one thing is perfectly clear: I LOVE my Sparkletech.


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