In the world of sporty skirts, RunningSkirts is usually a pretty big presence at the runDisney expo. I always see them and think they have really cute patterns in terms of colors and fabric prints, and they offer a lot of variety in the styles (with shorts, without shorts, with just like underwear attached). So when they did their Memorial Day promotion with free shipping and I had a 20% off discount with the code “skirtlist” I figured what the hell, I’d try one. (Previous reviews: SparkleTech, Lululemon Pacesetter, Athleta Swagger Skirt, Target C9 that is no longer sold in Target)

Overall Specs
Price: Middle of the pack, athletic skirts go for $69 + shipping but they have pretty seasonal sales. They cost more than Lululemon / Athleta but less than SparkleSkirts
Cut: Slimmer than the SparkleTech which has a bit of flounce to it and more fitted than the A-line PaceSetter from Lululemon. About on par with the Athleta style.
Style: The skirts come with shorts underneath (athletic), with underwear (running) and with nothing (triathlon).
I like a lot of their prints. If you’re looking for a fun solid or something with a pattern they’re cut.
Pockets: The pockets are on the skirt itself, not the waistband (Lululemon, Athleta, SparkleSkirt) or the shorts (SparkleTech). They have velcro on the top and can fit an iphone, gus, gels, etc.
Fabric: Stretchy, moisture wicking fabric that I didn’t test out because I didn’t run in it.
DO THE SHORTS STAY IN PLACE: Didn’t run in it, but the longer inseam made me think that yes, they would.

as-runbowI really like the “runbow” print so I ordered that in the “athletic” skirt, which comes with the shorts attached (the running skirt comes with just the underwear).

Note that in the photograph, the skirt hits just below the belly button, this will be important later.

So I looked over the chart and figured I was a size 3 (women’s 8 in pants even though as we all well know pants are a total bitch to fit without giving yourself a huge wedgie. Don’t play dumb, you know it’s a problem!). It came really quickly, I used the codes and what was originally a $69 skirt came in just under $56.

It arrived a week later and I was so excited because the print was indeed really cute! Yay!

Then the joy ended when I put it on.

World's most unflattering outfit. Ever.

World’s most unflattering outfit. Ever.

I don’t know how it fits like that in the picture. I was sporting the Urkel version of a running skirt–this waistband met my sports bra well north of my belly button. I could legitimately wear it without a shirt, that’s how far up it came. According to their sizing guide I got the right size, so I don’t know what the deal was there. I felt fat and frumpy in it. Fat and frumpy is not how I want to feel on a run. Since the pockets were on the skirt itself, when I tried to just roll the waistband down, that didn’t work either-it rolled down right over the pockets.

The thing never even got out the door–it went right back into the envelope to be returned for a refund and never spoken of again. It’s too bad since they have really cute fabric choices and I wanted to like it, really I did. The cut is slimmer than a SparkleTech and the Lululemon PaceSetter, so for those without my spare tire and big hips it would’ve been more flattering. It looks good on lots of bloggers in photos…?

Overall, I don’t know if the RunningSkirt suffered from my own low self-esteem. I feel like no matter how many repetitions of 8 minute abs I do, my stomach will still be a giant sheet of jiggle and for some reason this skirt just brought that out for me, even though it was actually covering the whole stomach while simultaneously taking away my waistline. Go figure. Either way, I can officially write off this skirt as one that just doesn’t work for me.

Does anyone else run in a RunningSkirt and really like it?


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