Then There Were NONE

That’s right! It’s official! I’m in the NYC Marathon for 2014! Picture 7The last race was the Oakley Mini Marathon, an all women’s 10k race. It was actually pretty weird because we didn’t start in the park, we started in Columbus circle and ran up Central Park West. On a road! Outside the confines of the park! Like a nice little preview of the marathon.

IMG_1990It was a nice race, NYRR was organized. I never saw the lead runners like we did at the Fitness 1/2, though, so the speedy ladies remained a mystery. There were the usual signs that you were at a women’s only race: lots of matching outfits and/or custom matching shirts and everyone was taking group photos and the ubiquitous “selfie.”  And let me assure you, lest you think this was all primping and girlie fun with the ladies–no one elbows you out of the way like women. Whoa.

Despite the terrible, nonstop pouring rain on Friday, the race started out with a relatively clear sky and dry conditions so for that alone I was overjoyed. (As it’s currently pouring here in DC.) It was a mere 58 degrees! Awesome.



Aside from being the final race in my 9+1 adventure and the brief detour onto Central Park West that included passing the NY Historical Society which was featuring an exhibit I worked on, it was pretty unremarkable. NYRR brought back the bagels and for some reason this was the first race of theirs I’ve gone to without apples and I realized that I was really enjoying my post-race apple and missed it when it was taken away from me.

This is the only 10k they do where you get a medal and the shirt was a pink and black tank top that, while not totally stylish, is quite comfortable and I do anticipate wearing it unlike the shirt I got from the Fitness 1/2. The goal of the weekend was to run this race at an easy pace and do the Sunday 10k at a quicker pace. All spring I’ve been running myself into the ground the first day and then barely scraping through the second. Princeton was a race I’d run last year, so I had something to prove. Which really meant running it at something other than a slow crawl. But before leaving the city, I had to stop for a little snack:

I went to NYU as an undergrad, so I stopped in the village at two places I frequented quite often. Faicco’s pork store on Bleeker where I picked up mozzarella for my mother and fried ravioli for me and Bagel Bob. Bagel Bob’s on University Place defines my collegiate palette more than any other place. I spent many a morning in here, and many a Monday evening lining up for their then 25 cent bagels. I love bagel bob’s and no place will ever taste as good to me. An everything bagel toasted with cream cheese. Perfection.

Starting line. Princeton keeps it classy.

Starting line. Princeton keeps it classy.

Sunday it was time to get my butt to Princeton. Let’s just say this race was eventful for a few reasons:

  1. I’m officially a good Samaritan runner. There was a 10 year old who sounded like hell, the poor kid was wheezing and I felt terrible for him since he looked ready to pass out around mile 3. His dad kept running ahead and he lagged behind. Guess who slowed down and stayed with the kid? Guess who made sure he was okay? Guess whose actions alerted his father that maybe he should stick with his kid? And guess who totally high fived that kid and told him he did an amazing job after the race? Yes. It’s okay to call me amazing.
  2. I PR’d. Turns out the wheezing child was still faster than I was a year (or a week) ago. 57:03 and I pushed it across that finish line when one man tried to beat me to it in the last 5/10ths of a mile. Nice try, better luck next year.
  3. Sometimes, it’s good to not be in the front. An improperly marked course meant that the lead runners were actually sent the wrong way, going from mile 1 to mile 5 by an uninformed volunteer. I thought 5 minutes was a little fast for them to be getting to the finish already… Needless to say, I heard some of the things they yelled at the poor high school aged girl and they should be embarrassed.
  4. 5th place for my age group!!!!! IN A 10K! I’m pretty awesome.

So at the close of the racing season, I’ve accomplished pretty much everything I set out to do and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Now, the question is, what does everyone plan on doing to get themselves through the summer?

I’m thinking of hitting the water…


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