Champion of the Slow

I’m an advocate for slower paced training groups. And I don’t mean an “all paces welcome” kind of training group, but one that explicitly says, “Hey, 11 minute milers, come join us and we won’t immediately leave you behind in the dust to fend for yourself and then not invite you for krispy kreme donuts afterwards because you’re still. not. done.”

So guess who’s “leading” a group run this weekend?

MoronI opened my big fat mouth and suggested having explicitly labeled slower run groups for the summer and now I’m leading a run group on Saturday since the girl who regularly leads is out of town. I think the words I’m looking for are “scared” and “shitless.”


I’m going to call it “leading from behind.” Oh and did I mention that my IT band on my left leg is killing me?


My general injury policy has evolved to this: if it hurts when I walk and stretching and foam rolling isn’t making it feel better just stop running for a little while. It was achy after my first run after the back-to-back 10Ks. Given that I had to work and so missed Spirit of the Marathon II last night and it’s supposed to be weather Armageddon in DC tonight, a break was actually quite convenient.

Did anyone see Spirit of the Marathon II? Was it the epic moving experience I thought it would be?

How do you lead a group run when you’re usually the slowest runner there without feeling totally inept and ridiculous?


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