Musical Monday

Since in the invention of iTunes, there are no longer any legitimate reasons to buy CDs. Libraries loan them out for free and you can easily copy them to your computer and it’s a lot less involved that copying to a cassette back in ye olden days because you don’t have to worry about turning the tape over and making sure it all matches up and you didn’t cut off a song and God forbid it was a really long album that required TWO tapes… (Thanks, Smashing Pumpkins, for Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness).

2013Albumsof201302.VampireWeekend_Tox12A few weeks ago I found myself in the Princeton Record Exchange, though, and I committed two unforgivable offenses. First: I bought the new Vampire Weekend album. Second: I didn’t buy the vinyl, I bought the CD. The cashier was publicly judging me the way my co-workers do.

I should preface this by saying they started being popular right before I graduated NYU and were yet another reason I kicked myself for not going to Columbia instead. But hey, silver lining: some of my best friends from undergrad are now very semi-surviving experimental artists and freelance writers and because of a changing legal landscape they’re getting married! One is a PR rep for numerous successful NYC burlesque shows.

So anyway. Vampire Weekend is one of the only bands that I actually legitimately listen to and love the whole album. I apologize to the guy with the adjacent office because he has super sensitive hearing and I’m sure he is incredibly sick of the song “Oxford Comma.” When a co-worker asks why my office door is always closed I say it’s because I listen to music and leave off the part where I explain that I also sing along to the music and dance in my chair and let’s be honest, singing “who gives a f*ck about an oxford comma” is totally workplace appropriate where I work.

Vampire-Weekend-MVOTCThe new album I love just as much as the previous two and it’s played incessantly on my iPhone in my office and it is the sole reason I get through that incredibly difficult part of the day between 8am and 5:30pm.

There were rumors on Buzzfeed (the other reason I am able to get through the day) that Diane Young will be a “summer song” (you know, one of those songs that becomes the defining background music to those moments of driving around aimlessly and ending up at Carvel that are seasonally specific to summer) but I’m calling BS on that.

In an effort to make this relevant to running and not get into some ridiculously meaningless, pretentious judgment of the album (that I could do because I went to NYU) I will say that running friendly songs on the album include:

  1. Unbelievers.
  2. Worship You.
  3. Diane Young.
  4. Finger Back.

What’s your new favorite song to run to? I don’t listen to music when I run but it’s be Worship You. Favorite oldy but amazing song to run to, “I’m the Greatest Star” by Barbra Streisand from Funny Girl (the movie soundtrack).
Who else loves Vampire Weekend and not just because they’re all pretty adorable and look preppy enough that you could bring them home to your parents and they’d look clean and employed?


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