Lessons Learned

This weekend was really educational. I learned from personal experience and from friends that you shouldn’t eat a huge order of onion rings and then go out and run. In fact, you shouldn’t try this with onion toast the next day either. And, oh yes, laxatives the night before a long run is a really really really bad idea.



IMG_2047Next up, it’s the start of zucchini flower season! That’s right, I made the pilgrimage to Delicious Orchards this weekend for zucchini flowers and possibly pastries that are essentially 90% whipped cream. But mostly for zucchini flowers.

It’s in Colt’s Neck New Jersey and if you haven’t been there it’s probably because you, unlike me, are not from the area. It’s a pretty amazing place. The produce alone is always amazing and then there’s a whole candy room. A CANDY ROOM. It hasn’t changed at all since I was 8 and I still love their apple cider most of all and they’re still the best, most reliable place to get zucchini flowers.

IMG_2048I’ve talked about these before and told you how to make them. What’s great about Delicious Orchards is that they charge you by weight, not by the stem. In case you don’t know this already, “squash blossoms” (because sometimes they’re pumpkin, sometimes they’re zucchini, sometimes maybe there’s another blossom I’m forgetting) weigh practically nothing. I asked a co-worker where to find them in DC and it became some huge pretentious conversation between him and someone else and I said, “Whoa, I just wanted to know where I could get them because my family is Italian and this is what we eat and not some culinary oddity. No, you do not need to tell me how to make and/or eat them.”

The bad move came when I sat outside and got an order of onion rings and french fries. Because I had to do a 5 mile run Saturday. It’s not that I’m unwilling to run, it’s just that in the morning I have a tough time getting out and I’m generally speaking an afternoon runner, just before dinner. In the summer, this doesn’t work for long runs. So by the time I went out, if it wasn’t the hot weather or the giant sized atomic bugs attacking me and flying into my face which made me hysterical, it was  the fact that I kept reliving my onion rings. I mean, I had to stop and walk because I was about ready to puke on the side of the road and it had nothing to do with the road kill. Ok, a little bit.

From Here

It’s almost the 4th of July! I am probably, again, not going to the mall to see the fireworks but I have planned to spend the 4th getting in my long run and a barre class I already paid for. It’s never too early to plan how you’re going to spend your day off running. Possibly at night so you get the Disney feeling when fireworks go off. Just saying.



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